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The North South Divide

A new government indicated that it wishes to support investment in the northern part of the country and particularly the industrial areas of West Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire together with the North East. So far statements have been made and no commitments have been given in regard to the need to improve the rail links across the North of England which are poor and stunt growth. Proper funding of this alone would stimulate development.
The impact of HS2 has been much debated. It will benefit certain areas only in the very long tern and the principal beneficiaries are still likely to be London. This is such an expensive scheme which generates a lot of opposition and it may well be that the current review into its future will result in whether a cancellation or considerable curtailment. Provided the money saved is invested in the regions rather than London then the position may not be adversely affected and there might be a positive impact.

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