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Uniform Business Rates

The Government announced that the increase in the Uniform Business Rate, which is the multiplier applied to the Rateable Value for commercial properties, will increase by 5.6% which was the rate of inflation in September of 2011. The original intention was that this should be brought in in April 2012 and the increase would have been 5.6%. This has now been deferred to April 2013 after lobbying by many bodies.

The Government considers this is a major concession, but most informed commentators feel that any increase in Uniform Business Rates is damaging to the economy and one at such an inflationary level, even if deferred, would have a disproportionately adverse effect. Nonetheless, it is a year’s grace.

Empty Property Rating has received some concessions in the 2012 Autumn Statement referred to under the heading of that name below.

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