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Landlord and Tenant

  • Advice on rent renewal levels and lease terms
  • Preparation of schedules of conditions and of dilapidations
  • Advice on repairing covenants liabilities and responsibilities
  • We protect the interest of our client, be they landlord or tenant

We offer advice to clients in terms of setting rental levels and lease terms, both from the position of a landlord and a tenant.

A considerable part of our work relates to the preparation of Schedules of Condition and of Dilapidations, including negotiation of the latter. Clients need careful and clear advice on their potential liabilities and responsibilities relating to repairing covenants within leases now more than ever. We carry out a large amount of work in preparing the necessary documentation and, if acting on behalf of the landlord, it is usually possible to obtain proper compensation for buildings left in disrepair at the end of leases.

We also provide Section 18 Valuations which is a specialist approach to valuation attempting to demonstrate the actual loss or diminution of the landlord’s reversion in terms of the Market Value of the property. These are increasingly used as part of the negotiations on dilapidations.

When acting for the tenant, we endeavour to ensure that payments that have to be made are minimal. We like to be involved at the beginning of any potential occupational lease in order to make sure that client’s interests, be they landlord or tenant, are properly protected.

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