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  • Residential and commercial valuations
  • Capital and rental valuations for both landlords and tenants
  • Valuations for secured lending

Accurate property valuation remains the keystone to many transactions. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors publishes detailed guidelines for all types of valuation in order to ensure high standards and we work with these at all times. We can provide valuations for secured lending to determine the worth of assets in published accounts, as the basis for a purchase or a sale and, either individually or in portfolio form.

We have the capacity to provide reasoned analyses of all the standard agreed forms of valuation from a single house through to a commercial property portfolio. This can be either on a Market Value basis or as a more complicated discounted cash-flow format with all the necessary allowances for growth.

Almost all property transactions relate back to value and the provision of good and reliable advice is essential. At all times, but especially when the property market is unstable, a tried and tested approach to valuation is absolutely essential if a proper and accurate value is to be determined.

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Residential Management Co, Director

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