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Law of Property Act Receivership

  • Enforcing security
  • Managing properties including collecting rent
  • Instigate possession proceedings
  • Effect sale
  • Members of the Non-Administrative Receivers Association (NARA)

Mortgagees are increasingly employing Law of Property Act (LPA) receivers as an effective method of protecting their security. We are appointed by the holder of a fixed charge over land as a way of enforcing their security, either for the purpose of collecting rent or to effect sale of a property or both, and have experience of LPA work with commercial property and buy-to-let schemes.

Lenders come to us where there has been a default under the terms of the mortgage and normally where a straightforward sale is neither attractive nor feasible. For example, if there is an investment property with a number of tenants, some waiting for rent review agreements, it makes more sense for the lender to appoint a receiver who may be a surveyor or valuer. We can then undertake the negotiations, collect the rent and deal with any other tenants’ issues that may arise rather than commit the time of lender’s officials to try to deal with this. We create a buffer between the lender and the defaulting borrower, helping to resolve the situation as amicably as possible.

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